Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sweet Evi

I have a customer that lives in an assisted living home. Evi lives in the part where she has her own apartment so she can do just as much in life as I can. She is adorable. We meet each month in her conference or craft room in the main building to stamp together.  I met Evi at a vendor fair at the home and we just clicked.  We talked about classes and she wanted to sign up right away for my classes.  Sometimes others come, sometimes they don't, so since she is my main participant we collaborate on what projects we do together. She loves to have her friends over for lunches and we do a lot of treat holders and cards. Lately we have been making projects to frame.This were this months projects.  She really liked the HELLO Eclipse framed piece. 

This was her August project- Don't you love the way she decorates the outside of her door.  I really enjoy working with Evi. I get as much pleasure teaching Evi as she does taking the class.  It is a special time for me each month.

Here are some other posts about Evi. HERE

Thanks for stopping by and I will continue to share Evi's projects with you each month.  If you want to attend one of my classes if you live in the Vero Beach area just email me and we can arrange it.


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