Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring Fever Still.................

When I first saw the Stampin UP catalog in July I loved, loved what they did with a picture frame on page 98. I tucked that idea in the back on my to do list and then when I went to Leadership a few weeks ago I saw those darn cute frames in Momento Mall and knew I had to put those frames on the front of my list.
Last week I stopped by the thrift store on the way home from work and got two frames that had a little bit of width to it and went by the hardware store to pick up some chicken wire and below is the results. Hope you like it. I love them.
The before pictures was I bought them with the chicken wire on the bottom of the pic. By the way I have downloaded this picture 4 times and it keeps turning I am so sorry that it is not at the right angle. Primed frames: Painted frames: End result: don't you love this display I have a green one I am working on too. See what 60 degree weather will do to your creative juices!

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