Saturday, July 13, 2013

Washi Tape is so fun to use!

Well I bit the bullet and went to my first real "CROP"  this weekend and had soooooooooo much fun.  We had to take prizes to swap and when I saw a lunch bag on Pinterest using washi tape I knew I wanted to make one.  I folded the bottom half of the bag up and taped down the length of the bag, letting the washi tape hang over the side and then add more washi tape on the opposite site and tape sides touching. I hope that is clear.   I stamped yum and attached and put my picnic supplies in what fun.

This is the little tag I attached so the recipient would know how to use it.

Back to the "CROP" I walked in with my big shot bag and one of my SU bags and the girls said do you want us to help you bring in the rest?  HA! was I surprised (that was all I had), they seemed to move in for the week.  I had projects for my roommates and my swaps to work on and I knew what I was going to do so I didn't have all that much.  I realized that part of the fun of a crop is to create with others that love what you do.  They were all so generous with their ideas and supplies, they even loaned me an Ott light and a riser (who knew I would need that) I was so clueless but I can't tell you what fun I had.   I will post pics of my projects next week because I don't want to spoil any surprises.

 Below is a picture of a quarter of the room.  See all the stuff they have on their table?  You should see the "stuff" they have on the floor, under the table on the side of the wall. It makes my stamp studio look like so sparse.  What fun! Can't wait till next time.

I am packing my clothes and getting ready to go to the 25th Stampin' UP! convention on Tuesday.  I will be posting from convention and bringing back great new ideas to share with you.   Have a great week. Blessings,

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