Tuesday, October 30, 2012

North Carolina State Fair WINNERS!!!!

I am so excited that first of all my customers and friends (same thing) entered the North Carolina State Fair and they all won ribbons!!!

So I want to honor them here for doing such a good job and congratulate them, I am so proud of them.  

Each month when we stamp together they come up with great alternatives to what I am showing them and I love these women.  We stamp together and pray for each other and just such a great sisterhood.  One day as I looked around the table I said you know what if it were not for stamping I would not know any of you.  So there are many reasons I love rubber stamping but the joy these women give me is the best reason.   

When I contacted one of the girls she said "Frances I don't know if you want to put mine on your blog because it is not a Stampin UP stamp that I used, I have had that stamp a really long time before I started coming to you".  I said I am not leaving you out, you earned that 2nd place ribbon and you stamp with my Stampin UP stamps all the time you purchase from me all the time.  But how sweet of her to be worried that I would not want her beautiful work on my blog.  Love these girls.

Gloria Fish

Jessica Beasley

Martha Middleton


Jessica Beasley (2)

Shirley Sorrell


Shirley Sorrell


Shirley Sorrell


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