Thursday, December 22, 2011

SU Brown Packing Paper turns into Wrapping Paper

I wanted some brown wrapping paper for this special present for a new family member for Christmas and I was out of it sooooooooooooo I looked around and what did I see but the packing paper that comes in SU order boxes.  WHALAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! See below!  Of course I could not wrap a present in that wrinkled paper so you guessed it I ironed it.  My husband laughs when he sees me iron paper and shakes his head.  Sometimes he will say I am glad you can use the iron for something anyway.  :)  Not my favorite chore.


Rumor has it that my nephew likes sock monkey so since I have sold my sock monkey retired stamp set I decided to make this work. I just stamped a few snowflakes from Winter Post and punched out some hearts and tied the the sock monkey and  package in some retired ribbon that I had left over and added the Santa match box with a little goodie in that too; I love the look.  I like to make my packages special. 

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 

Blessings, Frances

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