Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shout out to Gloria Fish and Friends

Normally I keep my blog for my Stampin’ UP! business but tonight I want to give a shout out to one of my friends/customers Gloria Fish and her friends; Shirley Sorrells, Jane Mize, Juanita Ball, and Charlotte Lewis.

Some of you may remember in April of this year Raleigh NC was hit hard with a tornado. Since then an organization called North Carolina Baptist Men have come from different places to help people clear the trees in their yards and help them rebuild their homes and whatever needs to be done. These men are housed and fed at the Carolina Pines Baptist Church. There are trained teams to feed many people and to do the work for the houses that were destroyed.

One day my friend Gloria went to the church after her husband went with a crew to cut trees and asked the lady in the office what could she do to help (she knew she could not handle a chain saw?) The lady said well the trash needs emptied! So Gloria said I could do that and from there she got other little jobs and then thought the men worked so hard and they needed someone to vacuum and clean the bathrooms and she started calling her circle of stamping friends and said bring your vacuum cleaner and meet me at the church. So being good friends and Christians they went. Now they do this three times a week.

When I was talking to Gloria it made me feel good to know such a good person. The small things in life that we do for others without any thought of repayment is precious. Thanks you Gloria and friends, I am proud to know you! Blessings, Frances

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