Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksgiving Vacation Part 2

Family is so important in our lives and Thanksgiving is a time for thinking about your blessings and the love of family. I felt privileged to be able to visit this year. I wanted to share my family and friends with you.

My sister Cricket on the left, my brother Ray and seated my mom Louise and of course me. We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night (the best time that worked for everyone.) Since we had 16 family members we ate in the garage.  When we were taking pictures we forgot to look at the background.  :(

 My mom always makes everything look nice. I had to laugh because she was looking at a diagram she had made for the placement of the tables and chairs and food dishes.  I do the same thing when I have events. I guess we are a lot alike. :)

Who doesn't love babies?  I had not met this sweet neice Raelyn. 

This is a sweet picture of the young mama's taking care of their sweet babies, standing it my niece Amber (Raelyn's mom) and seated is Marley and her mom Jennifer.

The boys Ryan and Braxton.  Braxton belongs to Amber above and Ryan's mom is Ashleigh and I don't think I have a picture of her.
Joseph, my nephew and his daughter Marley and my brother Ray.
After dinner Susie and I sat down and looked at the hostess rewards for her on line Stampin' UP! party she had this past week.  Susie and I trade parties about twice a year. I have a Thirty One party for her and she has a Stampin' UP! party for me.  Susie is so creative.

The next day Rich and I went to Williamsburg, VA and the plan was to go to Busch Gardens to Christmas Town but it was cold and raining so we scratched that idea. :(  bummer we were looking forward to it.  The next day Rich was going to play golf but again we had a rainy day however it did not change my plans to meet with some high school friends for lunch.


 My friend Mona from Colonial Heights picked me up from my hotel and gave me a ride to Newport News to meet the girls at Anderson Greenhouse and restaurant.  What a fun place and yummy food.  It was great to see my friends from high school.  Thanks Faye for arranging the lunch for us. 

Thanks for letting me share my trip with you. Have a great week.Note here I noticed I put my Stampin' UP! line on my pictures after I did it all. So sorry. I normally put this on my Stampin' UP! projects.  My bad.

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