Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I'm Back!!! Thanksgiving Vacation Part 1

We just got back from an 11 day Thanksgiving vacation!  What a trip.  First stop was Raleigh NC to see our son Eric and his wife Chrissy.  We had dinner and played our favorite board game Cranium!  The girls won!  We usually play at Christmas when we are together but since we moved to Florida we don't get a chance to see them at Christmas it was a great time together and great memories too.

 The winners!!! Chrissy was my partner! :)

Eric and Rich working on their strategy! Normally the guys beat us so this was a nice change for us. :)

Next stop dinner with some of my friends in the Raleigh area, Jacque and Donna and Donna's husband Randy not pictured.

My mom's birthday was the 25th and she loved my present.  I had an apron made from one of my Dad's shirts!

Bunco Night!  Mama and her friends play bunco every Wednesday night and it was fun playing with them. Since it was her birthday a few people joined us to help her celebrate.

Mama opening presents.

Time for bunco!

Players: Louise Owens, Rodney Waldron, Cheryl Hall, Beverly Harrison, Cricket Tatem and Joey Fallon Waldron and Ronnie Tatem.

Do you see those smiles on their faces?  Even though they play different than my group we had so much fun.

My turn to roll the dice hoping for a Bunco!!!

Anti up!

Everyone loves to play.

My Mom, loves her little poodle "Buttons" she loves to get in the middle of things.

Ronnie, brings his little dog too. I forgot his name.

Thanks for letting me share part of my vacation with you. I will post the Thanksgiving pictures later. 

Thanks for stopping by.

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