Friday, April 14, 2017

Savannah- Day 2 - Sightseeing/shopping

Today we did some sightseeing in Savannah. There is so much to see.  We found the Marche de Macarons shop and yummo...  Karen and I hopped out of the car while the others circled the block, parking was hard to come by. 

The macaroons were soooooooooooo delicate and yummy. Thank you Allison Barber for telling me about the shop. 

We are downtown on the River Front checking out the shops and had a blast. 
Below is Carmen and Karen in the back seat. Cindy is our chauffeur this time, they take turns. 

Shopping in a gift shops- here the girls are picking out charms. 
Cindy, Michelle, Carmen, clerk, Elaine, Karen

Michelle and I decided to rest a bit while the others shopped.

 Right after this shop I took a tumble on the cobblestones and scrapped my arm pretty bad. When I caught up with the others at Sammy's for lunch and told them what happened, these sweet friends (Michelle and Elaine)  got up immediately and found a store to get me first aid supplies and patched me up.   Of course the first thing I did was look around to see if anyone saw me fall!  :(  Isn't that what we do?

After lunch we went outside to look around on the waterfront.

I don't know why we bothered to comb our hair.  So windy.  Nice view though. 
Karen, Elaine, Carmen

 Some of the team  were in different areas, Karel and her friend went sightseeing on the trolley and Jess and Margaret went sightseeing in another direction too.

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