Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Vacation Fun- Class of '66 Reunion and Fall Card Class.

Last month we went to my 50th high school class reunion in Newport News,  VA. Yikes where did those years go?

First stop of our trip was Santee, SC and this was a fun bar-b-que place we went to.  

Next stop was Asheville, NC  to visit our son Eric and his wife Chrissy. They have been going to Escape  Rooms and telling us what a  good time they have been having so of course we had to go too.  We had 13 minutes to spare. Cool place you have to solve puzzles and get the right combinations etc to get out within one hour. Did you notice the shirt Eric is wearing?  My friend Karen made that for him. I gave her the words but didn't have the correct vinyl to use on fabric. He liked it. :) Thank you Karen.

This was another fun spot The Sierra Nevada Brewery.  I love being with the kids. 

Moving on we went to visit my Mom in Tyner, NC and this is the view of the Chowan River down the road from her house.,

Mom and I went for a golf  cart  ride and found some wild grapes. Does that look like two peas in a pod or what.  Love that woman. 


I was asked to take a door prize to my class reunion. So I made some cards and my friend and team mate Karen helped me make the cup and the cutting board.  I used our school colors and I think it  was a cute prize. 

When I lived in Raleigh, NC I reconnected with 3 other Newport News High School grads and we would go to dinner once a month and other activities so I had to give them a little gift. I didn't think of this till I was on the road and I was at my mama's house (I asked her if she had any wrapping paper that wasn't birthday or Christmas and she said no.  We found lunch bags and ribbon but she didn't have a hole punch to put the ribbon through but she came up with the idea of using an ice pick. Now every country woman has an ice pick right.   She amazes me.  (the RGNO stands for Raleigh Girls Night Out)

Here are my RGNO friends from left to right Donna Devers, Jacque Fisher, Mona Harrison and me.

Below is a picture of my sweet husband Rich on our Friday night event at the reunion. I sort of feel sorry for the spouses that didn't go to school with everyone else. Rich was a good sport to be there with me.

Last week I had this class scheduled and since Hurricane Mathew decided  to visit us I had to cancel and reschedule for this Thursday.  Let me know if you can come. 

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my life with you.

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