Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's Magic Tuesday again.... time for the Weekly Deal

Check out this weeks "Weekly Deals". I think that Precision Base Plate is calling my name. What do you see that you have to have?

Remember I offer Gift Certificates for you and your family.  Have them give me a call.

                            Holiday Gift Wish List

Here is the easy way for your friends and family to shop for you.  I will send this Wish List to those you designate.  They may charge with VISA, MasterCard or Discover, or pay by check and all orders will be shipped directly to them.  I will need to have your order by 12/12/15 to assure all orders are guaranteed to be delivered in time for Christmas.  Dont delay, make out your Wish List and send it to me today!   OR why not ask for a gift certificate when you can pick your presents out of any of our catalogs after the holidays!

Your Name_______________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip__________________________Phone Number ______________________
Birthday ____________________________Anniversary ___________________________

Wish List Items

Item #

Item Name

Pg #

Send me the name and email for those that you wish to have me send this too.
Contact me today 772-643-4664 or wagstamps@yahoo.com

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