Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Team Meeting and NC State Fair Stamping Entries

Sunday I had my team meeting and we had so much fun. We meet every other month and we chat about business tips and share what we are doing that is working and today we also did a shoebox swap. We always enjoy getting together and sharing new ideas.  Contact me if you would like to join my team for only $99.00.  Here are some of the shoebox swaps we made.

 Deb Dodd

 Karel Standish

Pat Stockton

Sue Root

North Carolina State Fair

The North Carolina State Fair is only a month away: October 11 - 21!
Look under Handicrafts and Hobbies page 229 and 230 in the Premium Book http://www.ncstatefair.org/2012/Competitions/PremiumBook/2012DeptEE.pdf
Check out this link to register on line for NC Residents only: Click Here
You can enter your craft project ideas and win cash prizes!
1. Choose your entry Theme: Scrapbooking, Rubber Stamping
2. Choose your entry Category:

Scrapbooking: Heritage, Baby/Kids, Travel/Vacation, Wedding/Anniversary, Celebrations, Holidays, Tribute/Military, Pets and Digital Limit of 2 entries (1-one page or 1-two page) per person. All pages must be in page protectors.
Rubber stamping: Cards - Holidays; Cards - Layered; Cards - Embellishments; Cards - Special Folds; Cards - Techniques; Miscellaneous (boxes, books, gift wrap, bags, etc); Jewelry - stamped only Limit 3 entries(Entires must be in clear envelopes for protection)
3. Choose your Entry Group: P - Professionals, N - Non-Professional Hobbyist, C - 9 years and under; Y - ages 10 - 17
4. Meet the Entry Deadlines:
a. Entry forms must be received on Friday, September 20th by 5:00 pm
b. Entries must be at the fair by Sunday, October 7 by 5:00 pm
c. Mailed exhibits must be received by Saturday, October 6
d. Entries must be picked up from the Fair (Handicrafts and Hobbies Building) on Monday, October 22 by 6:00 pm.

This is your time to shine so start creating your entries this week and be ready to submit them to the: Handicrafts & Hobbies Building, State Fairgrounds. (don't forget to register them on line first by the deadline) I will be looking for your entry when I go to the State Fair this year.

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