Saturday, June 11, 2011

This and That! My first stamp inspiration....

Where did it all start? Do you remember what first inspired you for the love of rubber stamping? This coke crate that I found in my shed today is my beginning before I ever heard of Stampin' UP! I lived in Vero Beach, Florida and was good friends with two teachers Irene Testa and June Sullivan (June was actually the Jr. High Librian at the time) They are both soooooooooo talented in everything they do. One day I was at Irene's before the summer was over and she was creating fun things for her students and on the table she had painted a Coke or Pepsi (dont' remember which) crate and added little stamps in each hole like good job, try harder etc, you get the picture. She said she was going to hang it next to her desk so she could stamp on her students papers. I thought that was such a great idea.

Soon after that I went to a craft fair that had a booth that sold stamps. I saw a outline pumpkin stamp and I bought it. The lady in the booth asked if I needed ink. Well of course I didn't I had the office black kind at home what else did I need. Oh mercy was I naive. So I went home and stamped that little pumpkin stamp with black ink and colored it in with an orange magic marker. So that was my first ink to paper. It took me about 9 years to find Stampin UP. A whole different story for another time. This is a card I made today that I was inspired from the new catalog sample, I used the Herb Expressions set that was in the current catalog but the good part is that it is still in the new catalog that I earned for my recruiting this year. I love everything about the garden and when I saw the booklet using this set in the new catalog I knew I had to work on a card with similiar images etc. This is a cute photo notebook that I made using the new Beyond the Garden DSP in the Summer Mini. I love flowers and I love the way it turned out. I also used the Snap Shot stamp in the Travel Log stamp set in the Summer Mini along with the new Postage Stamp Punch.

This cute turtle card is the one we made at my Retirement Open House this month when the new retirement stamp list came out. Simple 3x3 enclosure card.

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