Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm here! SU LEADERSHIP 2011

Hello my friends, I am in Nashville, TN for the Stampin UP annual leadership conference. I am here 3 days early, I wanted to get ahead of the snow to make sure I made it here on time. I am excited to be here with no worries.
Below is a picture of me in front of the fireplace in the lobby of the Wyndham Time Share where I am staying with Robin Boyer, she took pitty on me when I sent out an email last week needing a place to stay before my orginial reservation starts on Wednesday. She saved the day.

Robin checking updates on the SU website

Dessert at Cracker Barrel yesterday - Apple/cinnamon dumplings YUM!

I could not resist taking this picture at Cracker Barrel yesterday, I know it is a different type of stamp but hey it has the word stamp in it. Plus I have a stamping friend named Polly so I of course thought of her!!! This is for you Polly ! :)
Sunday night at the Wyndham, the entertainment for the evening was Donna Chapel (step daughter to Tammy Wynette) it was a nice surprise.

I woke up to snow this morning. Glad we bought groceries yesterday and we are staying in to stamp and read and have a good time.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more fun stuff at leadership.

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  1. Hope the airlines are moving by the time you leave there Frances. We got snow yesterday here in Greensboro, and you probably got it in Raleigh too. But this morning, it looks like ice to me - but it's still dark and I did not go out to see. We might have it for a while, since it's to be cool for the rest of the week. Take care - and enjoy your time t here - and be careful coming home. Can't wait to hear what you learned at leadership.