Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This is the card I made my mother for Mother's day and she loved it. You can't tell but on the elegant eggplant part I used the Manhatten Flower embossing folder and it really looks sweet.
Several weeks ago my husband was planting spinach and I never noticed what he was doing (he normally plants them in a row and a few weeks later I was outside and he was watering the garden and I happened to pay attention to the spinach and this is what he did, is this not sweet or what. He planted spinach and mustard greens in a heart shape. I was so surprised. :)
I got to celebrate Mothers day a little early last week. My son Chris surprised me with a visit from New Hamphire. My other son Eric and his wife Chrissy invited us over for dinner on April 30th and when we got there my other son was there cooking dinner for us. What a sweet surprise. After chatting with me on the phone Chris called Eric and said you better invite her over quick you know how she has those stamping parties and classes. Well they know me well. I did have a church craft fair but I called my partner and told her I would help her set up and I would work an hour but then she was on her own. It worked out perfectly. Thanks for letting me share my blessings.
Frances, Eric, Chris, Rich

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